Learn more about the freestanding homes at Salta Sibaya

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Salta Sibaya

As the latest offering from Devmco Group, Salta Sibaya is set to revolutionise how we live along the North Coast of KZN. Located within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, this mixed-used development will showcase a variety of coastal homes starting from R2.95 million.

Charles Thompson, Director of Devmco Group notes the importance of freestanding homes within this precinct, making mention that “the one thing that we’re missing is freestanding homes that are within an affordable price bracket.” Salta Sibaya will provide this unique opportunity for families looking to settle down in a secure estate with world-class facilities.

The prime location provides centrality that families are looking for. Salta Sibaya’s positioning offers the ideal proximity to corporate hubs and flexible workplaces, as well as a range of amenities required for modern family living.

“The product that we’re about to deliver is going to blow minds and exceed all expectations” end Thompson. Take a look at the interview with Charles Thompson and learn more about the freestanding opportunities available within Salta Sibaya.