Presenting KZN’s first smart village

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Salta Sibaya

The benefits of smart villages result in improved energy distribution and savings, efficient communications, and various other fluid systems that provide a sense of security and convenience for residents. One of KZN’s largest residential property developers, Devmco Group followed this trend and have risen to the challenge to create a smart village, using data and tech to provide improved service delivery and quality of life. Salta Sibaya will integrate elements of intelligent networks, innovative concepts, sustainability, and communication which are the central features of smart villages.

Salta Sibaya will be the first smart village to launch in KwaZulu-Natal and we have been overwhelmed by the positive response to date,” reveals Devmco Group Director, Charles Thompson.

The vision behind Salta Sibaya
One of the main elements behind the design of Salta Sibaya is to create a sustainable environment with nature at the centre. Highlighting and enhancing the 100 hectares of green spaces within the estate and the surrounding areas, the estate will create diverse amenities that focus on the outdoors, allowing residents to engage with nature. Rehabilitation and biodiversity will create further natural flora within the estate and surroundings to ensure a diverse ecosystem which will provide a safe, active environment for all.

Tech-driven security
The smart security systems that will be put in place include CCTV, thermal camera imaging, hands-free biometrics, beams, and alarms throughout the estate, ensuring consistency with the security and communication within the estate.

Dedicated app
To further enhance the communication within the estate, there will be an app for residents and estate managers to engage on. This will ensure central communication and private conversation facility for residents. The smart app will guarantee that a line of clear, simple communication is maintained. Pioneering the first “true” wallet in KZN, Salta Sibaya’s residents will have access to this facility to provide convenient billing on levies and utilities, while presenting an energy consumption profile that allows you to view your usage.

A central part of the smart village will be on energy saving design. Salta Sibaya will embody this throughout the estate with solar power, green-living architectural designs. Homes and facilities will utilise fixtures and finishes that help reduce consumption of water and energy.

These smart, eco-friendly features are just the beginning of what the future of new-age estate living will become. Salta Sibaya will change the way we live and set the precedent for future development in the region.