What makes Salta Sibaya a revolutionary estate

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Devmco Group has promised a revolutionary estate on KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast and Salta Sibaya doesn’t disappoint. The sought-after coastal region is constantly changing, but nothing will have a greater impact on transforming the landscape than what’s in store at this mixed-use development. True to its mandate of introducing a new wave of living in South Africa, the estate has already won coveted awards and broken sales records in only a few short months.

Sustainability and security

Salta Sibaya homes and facilities will be powered by new technologies and sustainable energy sources as KZN’s first Smart Village. Devmco Group has plans in place to introduce the first ‘true’ smart wallet for billing on levies and utilities, as well as a digital platform for energy consumption and app integration for communication between estate managers and residents. The estate will also take safety to the next level by using smart security with CCTV, thermal camera imaging, hands-free biometrics, beams and alarms.

Outdoor perks

The lifestyle on offer to homeowners and residents of Salta Sibaya is unparalleled. The design of the development prioritises vast outdoor spaces and conservation to enhance the natural outlook and to increase biodiversity within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct. The best of the North Coast’s outdoor lifestyle is provided through proximity to coastal forests, the beach and farmlands, as well as curated amenities within the estate itself for fishing, running, mountain biking, racquet sports, swimming, watersports and much more.

Multi-generational living

Many households in South Africa have embraced multi-generational living where two or more adult generations live under one roof or within the same estate. Within an estate like Salta Sibaya, the greatest benefits is the access to resort-like amenities designed for all ages, spacious homes and 24-hour security. 

Mixed-use development

Devmco Group has set its sights on transforming public spaces within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct to strengthen connections between people and where they live, work and socialise. This focus is an intentional move towards a concept in property development called placemaking, where mixed-use facilities provide business, retail, residences and leisure all in one place.

The Salta Sibaya shopping centre will be the retail component giving residents of Umdloti and Sibaya easy access to household name stores like Woolworths, Spar and Tops, as well as appetising restaurants and boutique shops. While the commercial sector will find dynamic offices, coworking spaces and business suites equipped for high-powered meetings, video conferencing and collaborative working. Combined with homes and leisure facilities, Salta Sibaya will be an iconic mixed-use landmark on the North Coast for decades to come.

Salta Sibaya has set out to revolutionise the way South Africans live and will create a blueprint for estates in the future; a place where families, professionals and retirees can thrive in a safe environment, surrounded by natural surroundings, alongside mixed-use retail, leisure and business facilities.